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Info about Adele DeGarde

Name:  Adele DeGarde
Also known as:  Adele De Garde


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Videos featuring Adele DeGarde

Burglar's Mistake, A (1909) (movie) [Adele DeGarde as One of the Children]
Eavesdropper, The (1912) (movie)
Mohawk's Way, A (1910) (movie) [(unconfirmed)]
Child Crusoes, The (1911) (movie) [The Captain's Daughter]
Death Disc: A Story of the Cromwellian Period, The (1909) (movie) [One of the Wife's Companions]
His Trust (1911) (movie)
Voiceless Message, The (1911) (movie) [The Little Girl]
Rocky Road, The (1910) (movie)
Through the Breakers (1909) (movie) [The Nostrand Child]
In Little Italy (1909) (movie)
Birthday Gift, A (1913) (movie) [Adele DeGarde as Alice, an Orphan]
Barriers Burned Away (1911) (movie) [Daughter]
Christmas Burglars, The (1908) (movie) [Margie, Mrs. Martin's Daughter]
Chocolate Revolver, The (1912) (movie) [A Little Girl]
Little Angels of Luck (1910) (movie) [(unconfirmed)]
Long Skirt, The (1911) (movie)
Open Gate, The (1909) (movie)
Hungry Hearts; or, The Children of Social Favorites (1911) (movie) [Their Daughter Elsie]
Voice of the Child, The (1911) (movie) [The Child]
Enchanted Profile, The (1918) (movie)
Vultures and Doves (1912) (movie)
Iconoclast, The (1910) (movie)
Buddy's Downfall (1914) (movie)
Leather Stocking (1909) (movie)
Life for a Life, A (1910) (movie)
Ingenuity (1912) (movie)
Salvation Army Lass, The (1909) (movie) [In Street Crowds]
In Life's Cycle (1910) (movie) [Clara, as a Child (unconfirmed)]
Mr. Barnes of New York (1914) (movie) [Maude]
Ruling Power, The (1915) (movie)
Rags and the Girl (1915) (movie)
Old Silver Watch, The (1912) (movie) [The Little Boy's Sister]
Voice of the Violin, The (1909) (movie) [At Party Meeting]
Mills of the Gods, The (1912) (movie) [Rosa, Miguel's Daughter]
Within the Law (1917) (movie) [Aggie Lynch]
I Did It (1909) (movie) [Adele as Gladys, The Little Girl]
Miser's Heart, The (1911) (movie) [Neighbor]
Last Deal, The (1910) (movie)
What Drink Did (1909) (movie) [One of the Lucas Children]
Consuming Love; or, St. Valentine's Day in Greenaway Land (1911) (movie)
Deception, The (1909) (movie) [Adele as At Laundry]
Buddy's First Call (1914) (movie)
Carr's Regeneration (1911) (movie) [The Child]
Chew Chew Land; or, The Adventures of Dolly and Jim (1910) (movie) [Dolly]
Green Stockings (1916) (movie) [Phyllis Faradau]
By Way of Mrs. Browning (1911) (movie)
Purple Dress, The (1918) (movie)
Man Under the Bed, The (1912) (movie) [The Little Daughter]
Saints and Sinners (1915) (movie)
Doubly Desired Orphan, A (1911) (movie) [The Orphan]
What's Your Hurry? (1909) (movie)
Governor Who Had a Heart, The (1912) (movie)
Geranium, A (1911) (movie) [Ethel]
Jean and the Waif (1910) (movie) [The Waif]
When Bobby Forgot (1913) (movie) [Jane]
And a Little Child Shall Lead Them (1909) (movie) [Adele as The Daughter]
Derelict Reporter, The (1911) (movie) [Girl]
Dick, the Dead Shot (1913) (movie)
Children's Revolt, The (1910) (movie)
Billy's Valentine (1911) (movie) [The Little Girl]
Examination Day at School (1910) (movie)
Trail of Books, The (1911) (movie) [The Child]
Golden Louis, The (1909) (movie) [The Child]
In a Hempen Bag (1909) (movie) [One of the Children]
Triumph of the Weak, The (1918) (movie) [Lizee]
Drunkard's Reformation, A (1909) (movie) [Adele DeGarde as The Wharton Daughter]
Children's Friend, The (1909) (movie) [Child]
Light That Failed, The (1912) (movie)
One Touch of Nature (1909) (movie)
Sunshine and Shadow (1911) (movie)
Bottom of the Well, The (1917) (movie) [Adele DeGarde as Dorothy Farnsworth]
Cherry Blossoms (1911) (movie) [The Sweetheart as a Girl]
Medicine Bottle, The (1909) (movie) [Mrs. Ross's Daughter]
Prohibition: Thirteen Years That Changed America (1997) (TV show) [Daughter of errant husband and father]
Tin-Type Romance, A (1910) (movie)
Society and the Man (1911) (movie) [Adele as The Child]
In the Window Recess (1909) (movie) [The Wallace Child]
Five Senses, The (1912) (movie)
Twin Brothers (1909) (movie) [Museum Visitor]
Suffer Little Children (1911) (movie)
Jean Goes Fishing (1910) (movie)
Forgotten; or, An Answered Prayer (1911) (movie) [One of the Children]
Lights of New York (1916) (movie) [Poppy Brown]
Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking (1917) (movie)
Tis an Ill Wind That Blows No Good (1909) (movie) [Child]
One Night and Then (1910) (movie) [Adele DeGarde as One of the Children]
Love Doctor, The (1917) (movie) [Claire Deming]
Lure of the Gown, The (1909) (movie) [Child on Street]
His Trust Fulfilled (1911) (movie) [The Frazier child]
Black Wall, The (1912) (movie)
Fair Exchange, A (1909) (movie) [Adele DeGarde as A Child]
Pippa Passes; or, The Song of Conscience (1909) (movie)
Teaching Dad to Like Her (1911) (movie)
Lonely Villa, The (1909) (movie) [One of the Cullison Children]
Over the Garden Wall (1910) (movie)
Saving the Special (1911) (movie) [Adele as Their Little Girl]
Thou Shalt Not Kill (1913) (movie)
Pillar of Flame, A (1915) (movie)
Roue's Heart, The (1909) (movie) [Sculptress's Model]
Country Doctor, The (1909) (movie) [Sick daughter]
Old Kent Road, The (1912) (movie)
Wanted, a Child (1909) (movie) [Child]

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