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Info about Loretta Young

Name:  Loretta Young
Also known as:  Gretchen Young
Nicknames:  Attila the Nun, Saint Loretta


Pictures of Loretta Young


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Videos featuring Loretta Young

Story of Alexander Graham Bell, The (1939) (movie) [Loretta Young as Mrs. Mabel Hubbard Bell]
Warner Bros. Jubilee Dinner (1930) (movie)
Primrose Ring, The (1917) (movie) [Fairy]
Seven Footprints to Satan (1929) (movie) [One of Satan's victims]
Truth About Youth, The (1930) (movie) [Phyllis Ericson]
Night to Remember, A (1943) (movie) [Loretta Young as Nancy Troy]
Eternally Yours (1939) (movie) [Anita Halstead]
Ladies Courageous (1944) (movie) [Roberta Harper]
25th Annual Academy Awards, The (1953) (TV show) [Herself - Presenter: Best Special Effects]
Happy 100th Birthday Hollywood (1987) (TV show) [Herself]
Second Honeymoon (1937) (movie) [Loretta Young as Vicky Benton]
First 100 Years: A Celebration of American Movies, The (1995) (TV show) [Herself]
Three Blind Mice (1938) (movie) [Pamela Charters]
Girl in the Glass Cage, The (1929) (movie) [Gladys Cosgrove]
Scarlet Seas (1928) (movie) [Margaret Barbour]
Heroes for Sale (1933) (movie) [Loretta as Ruth Loring Holmes]
Ramona (1936) (movie) [Ramona]
Whip Woman, The (1928) (movie) [The Girl]
Magnificent Flirt, The (1928) (movie) [Denise Laverne]
You Can Change the World (1951) (movie) [Herself]
Life of Jimmy Dolan, The (1933) (movie) [Loretta as Peggy]
Grand Slam (1933) (movie) [Marcia Stanislavsky]
Zoo in Budapest (1933) (movie) [Eve]
Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Awards (1951) (movie) [Herself]
Forward Pass, The (1929) (movie) [Patricia Carlyle]
Wife, Doctor and Nurse (1937) (movie) [Loretta as Ina Heath Lewis]
Hollywood Extra Girl (1935) (movie) [Crusades cast member]
Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1928) (movie) [Simonetta]
Lady in the Corner (1989) (TV show) [Grace Guthrie]
Second Floor Mystery, The (1930) (movie) [Marion Ferguson]
Half Angel (1951) (movie) [Loretta Young as Nora Gilpin]
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1934) (movie) [Lola Field]
Taxi! (1932) (movie) [Sue Riley]
Because of You (1952) (movie) [Christine Carroll Kimberly]
Fast Life (1929) (movie) [Patricia Mason Stratton]
Lon Chaney: A Thousand Faces (2000) (TV show) [Herself]
Squall, The (1929) (movie) [Irma]
Only Way, The (1919) (movie) [Child on the operating table]
Has Anybody Here Seen Canada? A History of Canadian Movies 1939-1953 (1979) (TV show) [Herself (at Oscar dinner, 1942)]
Shanghai (1935) (movie) [Barbara Howard]
Midnight Mary (1933) (movie) [Loretta Young as Mary Martin]
Stranger, The (1946) (movie) [Mary Longstreet]
Cafe Metropole (1937) (movie) [Laura Ridgeway]
Kentucky (1938) (movie) [Sally Goodwin]
Right of Way, The (1931) (movie) [Rosalie Evantural]
Careless Age, The (1929) (movie) [Loretta Young as Muriel]
Man's Castle (1933) (movie) [Trina]
Clive of India (1935) (movie) [Margaret Maskelyne Clive]
Too Young to Marry (1931) (movie) [Elaine Bumpstead]
Her Wild Oat (1927) (movie) [Bit Part]
Rachel and the Stranger (1948) (movie) [Loretta Young as Rachel Harvey]
She Had to Say Yes (1933) (movie) [Florence 'Flo' Denny]
Life Begins (1932) (movie) [Grace Sutton]
Love Under Fire (1937) (movie) [Myra Cooper]
Road to Paradise (1930) (movie) [Mary Brennan/Margaret Waring]
Caravan (1934) (movie) [Loretta as Countess Wilma]
Three Girls Lost (1931) (movie) [Norene McMann]
Play-Girl (1932) (movie) [Buster 'Bus' Green]
Kismet (1930) (movie) [Marsinah]
Loose Ankles (1930) (movie) [Ann Harper Berry]
Hatchet Man, The (1932) (movie) [Loretta Young as Sun Toya San]
54th Annual Academy Awards, The (1982) (TV show) [Herself - Presenter: Best Picture]
Doctor Takes a Wife, The (1940) (movie) [June Cameron]
Key to the City (1950) (movie) [Clarissa Standish]
Born to Be Bad (1934) (movie) [Letty Strong]
Platinum Blonde (1931) (movie) [Loretta Young as Gallagher]
Employees' Entrance (1933) (movie) [Madeleine Walters West]
White Parade, The (1934) (movie) [June Arden]
Private Number (1936) (movie) [Ellen Neal Winfield]
Four Men and a Prayer (1938) (movie) [Miss Lynn Cherrington]
Week-end Marriage (1932) (movie) [Loretta Young as Lola Davis]
Costume Designer, The (1950) (movie)
Men in Her Life, The (1941) (movie) [Lina Varsavina]
House of Rothschild, The (1934) (movie) [Julie Rothschild]
Slippery Pearls, The (1931) (movie) [Herself]
They Call It Sin (1932) (movie) [Loretta Young as Marion Cullen]
Bedtime Story (1941) (movie) [Jane Drake]
Devil to Pay!, The (1930) (movie) [Dorothy Hope]
Love Is News (1937) (movie) [Toni Gateson]
White and Unmarried (1921) (movie) [Child]
Sheik, The (1921) (movie) [Loretta as Arab child]
Paula (1952) (movie) [Paula Rogers]
Lady from Cheyenne, The (1941) (movie) [Annie Morgan]
Christmas Eve (1986) (TV show) [Amanda Kingsley]
Life Along the Mississippi (1994) (TV show) [Narrator]
Show Girl in Hollywood (1930) (movie) [Herself, Cameo Appearance at Premiere]
Big Business Girl (1931) (movie) [Claire 'Mac' McIntyre]
Come to the Stable (1949) (movie) [Sister Margaret]
Bishop's Wife, The (1947) (movie) [Julia Brougham]
China (1943) (movie) [Carolyn Grant]
Mother Is a Freshman (1949) (movie) [Loretta as Abigail Fortitude Abbott]
I Like Your Nerve (1931) (movie) [Diane Forsythe]
Suez (1938) (movie) [Countess Eugenie de Montijo]
How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 8: 'The Brassie' (1931) (movie) [Loretta]
And Now Tomorrow (1944) (movie) [Emily Blair]
Naughty But Nice (1927) (movie) [Loretta Young as Bit Part]
Christmas From Hollywood (2003) (video) [Herself]
It Happens Every Thursday (1953) (movie) [Jane MacAvoy]
Letter to Loretta (1953) (TV series) (TV Series) [Herself/Host]
He Stayed for Breakfast (1940) (movie) [Marianna Duval]
Devil's in Love, The (1933) (movie) [Loretta as Margot Lesesne]
Farmer's Daughter, The (1947) (movie) [Katrin Holstrom]
Crusades, The (1935) (movie) [Berengaria, Princess of Navarre]
Sirens of the Sea (1917) (movie) [Child]
Show of Shows, The (1929) (movie) [Meet My Sister number]
Ladies in Love (1936) (movie) [Loretta Young as Susie Schmidt]
Along Came Jones (1945) (movie) [Cherry de Longpre]
73rd Annual Academy Awards, The (2001) (TV show) [Herself (Memorial Tribute)]
Ruling Voice, The (1931) (movie) [Gloria Bannister]
Wife, Husband and Friend (1939) (movie) [Doris Borland]
Head Man, The (1928) (movie) [Loretta Young as Carol Watts]
Unguarded Hour, The (1936) (movie) [Lady Helen Dudley Dearden]
New Loretta Young Show, The (1962) (TV series) (TV Series) [Christine Massey]
Beau Ideal (1931) (movie) [Isobel Brandon]
Cause for Alarm! (1951) (movie) [Ellen Jones(Brown)/Narrator]
Accused, The (1949) (movie) [Loretta Young as Dr. Wilma Tuttle]
Man from Blankley's, The (1930) (movie) [Margery Seaton]
Perfect Marriage, The (1947) (movie) [Maggie Williams]
Show Business at War (1943) (movie) [Herself]
Call of the Wild, The (1935) (movie) [Claire Blake]

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