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Info about Shelley Winters

Name:  Shelley Winters
Also known as:  Shelley Winter


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Videos featuring Shelley Winters

Magician of Lublin, The (1979) (movie) [Shelley as Elzbieta]
35th Annual Academy Awards, The (1963) (TV show) [Herself - Presenter: Best Sound & Best Special Effects]
Escape in the Fog (1945) (movie) [Taxi Driver]
Enter Laughing (1967) (movie) [Mrs. Emma Kolowitz]
Playgirl (1954) (movie) [Fran Davis]
New Orleans (1947) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Miss Holmbright (Nick's secretary in Chicago)]
Bloody Mama (1970) (movie) [Kate 'Ma' Barker]
31st Annual Academy Awards, The (1959) (TV show) [Herself - Presenter: Best Supporting Actress]
Adventures of Nick Carter (1972) (TV show) [Bess Tucker]
Pickle, The (1993) (movie) [Yetta]
Two Smart People (1946) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Princess]
39th Annual Academy Awards, The (1967) (TV show) [Herself - Presenter: Best Actor in a Supporting Role]
Dahlia scarlatta, La (1976) (movie)
Bomba, La (1999) (movie) [Prof. Summers]
Touch of a Stranger (1990) (movie)
Let No Man Write My Epitaph (1960) (movie) [Shelley as Nellie Romano]
That Lucky Touch (1975) (movie) [Diana Steedeman]
Great Gatsby, The (1949) (movie) [Myrtle Wilson]
Mad Room, The (1969) (movie) [Mrs. Armstrong]
DuPont Show of the Month, The (1957) (TV series) (TV Series) [Louisa Burt]
Young Savages, The (1961) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Mary di Pace]
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1971) (movie) [Rosie Forrest]
James Bond: The First 21 Years (1983) (TV show) [Herself]
House Is Not a Home, A (1964) (movie) [Polly Adler]
Tentacoli (1977) (movie) [Tillie Turner]
Unremarkable Life, An (1989) (movie)
Chapman Report, The (1962) (movie) [Sarah Garnell]
Mimi Bluette ... fiore del mio giardino (1977) (movie) [Caterina]
Next Stop, Greenwich Village (1976) (movie) [Fay Lapinsky]
Big Knife, The (1955) (movie) [Dixie Evans]
Arthur! Arthur! (1969) (movie)
Raging Angels (1995) (movie) [Grandma Ruth]
Meet Danny Wilson (1952) (movie) [Joy Carroll]
Scalphunters, The (1968) (movie) [Kate]
Phone Call from a Stranger (1952) (movie) [Bianca Carr "Binky Gay"]
Cher... and Other Fantasies (1979) (TV show) [Herself]
What a Woman! (1943) (movie) [Secretary]
On Cukor (2000) (TV show) [Herself]
City on Fire (1979) (movie) [Nurse Andrea Harper]
Marlon Brando: The Wild One (1996) (TV show) [Herself]
Marilyn Monroe: Beyond the Legend (1987) (movie) [Herself]
Blume in Love (1973) (movie) [Mrs. Cramer]
Double Life, A (1947) (movie) [Pat Kroll]
34th Annual Academy Awards, The (1962) (TV show) [Herself - Co-Presenter: Cinematography Awards]
Gangster, The (1947) (movie) [Hazel]
Executive Suite (1954) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Eva Bardeman]
Saskatchewan (1954) (movie) [Grace Markey]
70th Annual Academy Awards, The (1998) (TV show) [Herself - Past Winner]
Devil's Daughter, The (1973) (TV show) [Lilith Malone]
Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July (1979) (TV show) [Crystal]
Balcony, The (1963) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Madame Irma]
Over the Brooklyn Bridge (1984) (movie) [Becky]
Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days (2001) (TV show) [Herself]
My Man and I (1952) (movie) [Nancy]
Delta Force, The (1986) (movie) [Edie Kaplan]
Patch of Blue, A (1965) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Rose-Ann D'Arcy]
Living in a Big Way (1947) (movie) [Junior League Girl]
Backfire! (1995) (movie) [The Good Lieutenant]
She's a Soldier Too (1944) (movie) ['Silver' Rankin]
Together Again (1944) (movie) [Young Woman]
Tonight and Every Night (1945) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Bubbles]
Silenzio dei prosciutti, Il (1994) (movie) [Mrs. Motel]
Johnny Stool Pigeon (1949) (movie) [Terry Stewart]
Emma and Grandpa on the Farm (1983) (TV show) [The Narrator]
Indifferenti, Gli (1964) (movie) [Lisa]
Borghese piccolo piccolo, Un (1977) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Amalia Vivaldi]
Wives and Lovers (1963) (movie) [Fran Cabrell]
Fanny Hill (1983) (movie) [Mrs. Cole]
Knickerbocker Holiday (1944) (movie) [Ulda Tienhoven]
Locataire, Le (1976) (movie) [The Concierge]
Larceny (1948) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Tory]
Thousand and One Nights, A (1945) (movie) [Handmaiden]
Gideon (1999) (movie) [Mrs. Willows]
Wild in the Streets (1968) (movie) [Mrs. Flatow]
George Stevens: A Filmmaker's Journey (1984) (movie) [Clips from 'A Place in the Sun' and 'The Diary of Anne Frank']
I Died a Thousand Times (1955) (movie) [Shelley as Marie Gibson]
Tennessee Champ (1954) (movie) [Sarah Wurble]
Elvis (1979) (TV show) [Gladys Presley]
Sailor's Holiday (1944) (movie) [Gloria Flynn]
King of the Gypsies (1978) (movie) [Queen Rachel]
Raging Tide, The (1951) (movie) [Shelley as Connie Thatcher]
Looping - Der lange Traum vom kurzen Gluck (1981) (movie) [Carmen]
Journey Into Fear (1975) (movie) [Mrs. Mathews]
Jury Duty (1995) (movie) [Mrs. Collins]
Hello Actors Studio (1988) (TV show) [Herself]
Diamonds (1975) (movie) [Shelley as Zelda Shapiro]
Mrs. Munck (1995) (movie) [Aunt Monica]
He Ran All the Way (1951) (movie) [Peggy Dobbs]
Mambo (1954) (movie) [Toni Salerno]
Initiation of Sarah, The (1978) (TV show) [Mrs. Erica Hunter]
Harper (1966) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Fay Estabrook]
I Am a Camera (1955) (movie) [Natalia Landauer]
Death of Innocence, A (1971) (TV show) [Elizabeth Cameron]
Witchfire (1986) (movie) [Lydia]
Cleopatra Jones (1973) (movie) [Mommy]
Johnny Carson's 29th Anniversary (1991) (TV show) [Herself]
Alice in Wonderland (1985) (TV show) [Dodo Bird]
He Walks in Beauty: The George Stevens Production 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' (2001) (video) [Herself]
Killer McCoy (1947) (movie) [Autograph hound]
Fighting Guardsman, The (1946) (movie) [Nanette]
Deja Vu (1985) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Olga Nabokova]
S.O.B. (1981) (movie) [Eva Brown]
Wipe-out (1963) (TV show)
Do It Debbie's Way (1983) (video)
Cancer Fund Film Notables Attend Glittering Benefits (1951) (movie) [Herself]
Gran bollito (1977) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Lea]
South Sea Sinner (1950) (movie) [Coral]
Red River (1948) (movie) [Dance Hall Girl in Wagon Train]
Visitor, The (1979) (movie) [Jane Phillips]
Treasure of Pancho Villa, The (1955) (movie) [Ruth Harris]
Pete's Dragon (1977) (movie) [Shelley as Lena Gogan]
Ellie (1984) (movie) [Cora Mae Jackson]
Frosty's Winter Wonderland (1976) (TV show) [Crystal]
Greatest Story Ever Told, The (1965) (movie) [Woman who is healed]
A&E Biography: Shelley Winters - Full Disclosure (2001) (TV show) [Herself]
Revenge (1971) (TV show) [Shelley as Amanda Hilton]
Big Rose: Double Trouble (1974) (TV show) [Rose Winters]
Heavy (1995) (movie) [Dolly Modino]
Alfie (1966) (movie) [Ruby]
To Dorothy a Son (1954) (movie) [Myrtle La Mar]
Sex Symbol, The (1974) (TV show) [Shelley Winters as Agatha Murphy]
Flap (1970) (movie) [Dorothy Bluebell]
Weep No More, My Lady (1992) (TV show) [Vivian Morgan]
Three Sisters, The (1966) (movie) [Natalya]
Racket Man, The (1944) (movie) [Bit Part]
How Do I Love Thee? (1970) (movie) [Shelley as Lena Mervin]
Odds Against Tomorrow (1959) (movie) [Lorry]
Poseidon Adventure, The (1972) (movie) [Belle Rosen]
A-List (2004) (movie) [Herself]
Cover Girl (1944) (movie) [Girl]
Take One False Step (1949) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Catherine Sykes]
Portrait of a Lady, The (1996) (movie) [Mrs. Touchett]
Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell (1968) (movie) [Shirley Newman]
Dancing in Manhattan (1945) (movie) [Margie]
Place in the Sun, A (1951) (movie) [Alice Tripp]
Frenchie (1950) (movie) [Shelley as Frenchie Fontaine]
Night of the Hunter, The (1955) (movie) [Willa Harper]
What's the Matter with Helen? (1971) (movie) [Helen Hill]
Winchester '73 (1950) (movie) [Lola Manners]
Poor Pretty Eddy (1975) (movie) [Bertha]
7th Annual American Cinema Awards (1990) (TV show) [Herself]
Lolita (1962) (movie) [Charlotte Haze/Humbert]
Cry of the City (1948) (movie) [Brenda Martingale]
Century of Cinema, A (1994) (movie) [Herself]
Stepping Out (1991) (movie) [Mrs. Fraser]
Something to Hide (1972) (movie) [Shelley Winters as Gabriella]
23rd Annual Tony Awards, The (1969) (TV show) [Herself - Presenter]
Superstar: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol (1990) (movie) [Herself]
Very Close Quarters (1986) (movie) [Galina]
Behave Yourself! (1951) (movie) [Kate Denny]
Purple People Eater (1988) (movie) [Shelley as Rita]
George Stevens and His Place in the Sun (2001) (video) [Herself]
Diary of Anne Frank, The (1959) (movie) [Mrs. Petronella Van Daan]
French Atlantic Affair, The (1979) (TV mini series) [Helen Wabash]
Untamed Frontier (1952) (movie) [Jane Stevens]

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