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Info about Jean Simmons

Name:  Jean Simmons
Also known as:  Jean Simmonds


Pictures of Jean Simmons


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Videos featuring Jean Simmons

Sensibility and Sense (1990) (TV show)
Caesar and Cleopatra (1945) (movie) [Harpist]
Mister Buddwing (1966) (movie) [The Blonde]
Midas Valley (1985) (TV show) [Molly Hammond]
Egyptian, The (1954) (movie) [Merit]
30th Annual Academy Awards, The (1958) (TV show) [Herself - accepting Best Actor Award for Alec Guinness]
Great Expectations (1989) (TV mini series) [Miss Havisham]
How to Make an American Quilt (1995) (movie) [Em Reed]
Great Expectations (1946) (movie) [Young Estella]
Cleopatra's World: Alexandria Revealed (1999) (TV show) [Story teller]
They Do It with Mirrors (1991) (TV show) [Jean as Carrie-Louise Serrocold]
Home Before Dark (1958) (movie) [Charlotte Brown]
Blue Lagoon, The (1949) (movie) [Emmeline Foster]
Until They Sail (1957) (movie) [Barbara Leslie Forbes]
Golden Gate (1981) (TV show) [Jane Kingsley]
Way to the Stars, The (1945) (movie) [Jean Simmons as Singer]
Soldier in Love (1967) (TV show) [Sarah Churchill]
Angel Falls (1993) (TV series) (TV Series) [Irene Larson]
Rough Night in Jericho (1967) (movie) [Molly Lang]
Desiree (1954) (movie) [Desiree Clary]
Hungry Hill (1947) (movie) [Jean Simmons as Lady Broderick]
Heidi (1968) (TV show) [Fraulein Rottenmeier]
So Long at the Fair (1950) (movie) [Vicky Barton]
Divorce American Style (1967) (movie) [Nancy Downes]
Perry Mason: The Case of the Lost Love (1987) (TV show) [Laura Kilgallen]
North and South II (1986) (TV mini series) [Jean Simmons as Clarissa Main]
Trio (1950) (movie) [Evie Bishop (in segment Sanitorium)]
North and South (1985) (TV mini series) [Clarissa Main]
Cage of Gold (1950) (movie) [Judith]
Spartacus (1960) (movie) [Varinia]
Larry and Vivien: The Oliviers in Love (2001) (TV show)
Hamlet (1948) (movie) [Ophelia, daughter of Polonius]
Demetrius and the Gladiators (1954) (movie) [Diana]
Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls (1981) (TV show) [Helen Lawson]
Angel Face (1952) (movie) [Diane Tremayne]
Thorn Birds, The (1983) (TV mini series) [Jean Simmons as Fiona 'Fee' Cleary]
Ancient Mysteries (1996) (TV series) (TV Series) [Hostess (Who wrote the Bible?)]
Adam and Evelyne (1949) (movie) [Evelyne Wallace]
Affair with a Stranger (1953) (movie) [Carolyn Parker]
Easter Promise, The (1975) (TV show) [Constance Payne]
Inherit the Wind (1988) (TV show) [Jean as Lucy Brady]
Mr. Sycamore (1975) (movie) [Estelle Benbow]
Androcles and the Lion (1952) (movie) [Lavinia]
Uncle Silas (1947) (movie) [Caroline Ruthyn]
December Flower (1984) (TV show) [Etta]
Small Killing, A (1981) (TV show) [Jean Simmons as Margaret Lawrence]
Kiss the Bride Goodbye (1945) (movie) [Molly Dodd]
Sports Day (1944) (movie) [Bit Part]
Mr. Emmanuel (1944) (movie) [Sally Cooper]
Actress, The (1953) (movie) [Ruth Gordon Jones (later known as Ruth Gordon)]
Dawning, The (1988) (movie) [Jean Simmons as Aunt Mary]
This Could Be the Night (1957) (movie) [Anne Leeds/Babe]
Meet Sexton Blake (1945) (movie) [Eva Watkins]
Dominique (1978) (movie) [Dominique Ballard]
This Earth Is Mine (1959) (movie) [Elizabeth Rambeau]
Dark Shadows (1991) (TV series) (TV Series) [Jean Simmons as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard/Naomi (1991)]
Guys and Dolls (1955) (movie) [Sergeant Sarah Brown]
She Couldn't Say No (1954) (movie) [Corby Lane]
One More Mountain (1994) (TV show) [Sarah Keyes]
Dark Shadows (1990) (TV show) [Elizabeth Collins Stoddard]
Grass Is Greener, The (1960) (movie) [Jean as Hattie Durant]
On Cukor (2000) (TV show) [Narrator]
Her Own Rules (1998) (TV show) [Katherine Stratten]
37th Annual Academy Awards, The (1965) (TV show) [Herself - Co-Presenter: Best Cinematography]
Mysteries of the Bible (1994) (TV series) (TV Series) [Herself/Narrator]
Footsteps in the Fog (1955) (movie) [Jean Simmons as Lily Watkins]
Robe, The (1953) (movie) [Diana]
Clouded Yellow, The (1951) (movie) [Sophie Malraux]
All the Way Home (1963) (movie) [Mary Follet]
Give Us the Moon (1944) (movie) [Heidi]
Laker Girls (1990) (TV show) [Jean Simmons as Connie Harrison]
Happy Ending, The (1969) (movie) [Mary Wilson]
Hauru no ugoku shiro (2004) (movie) [Old Sophie]
Sir John Mills' Moving Memories (2000) (video) [Herself]
American Film Institute Salute to Kirk Douglas, The (1991) (TV show) [Herself]
Beggarman, Thief (1979) (TV show) [Jean Simmons as Gretchen Jordache Burke]
Woman in the Hall, The (1947) (movie) [Joy Blake]
Friendship in Vienna, A (1988) (TV show) [Narrator]
People Like Us (1990) (TV show) [Peach Prindible Bailey]
Hilda Crane (1956) (movie) [Hilda Crane]
Jean Simmons: Rose of England (2004) (movie) [Herself]
Elmer Gantry (1960) (movie) [Sister Sharon Falconer]
Big Country, The (1958) (movie) [Julie Maragon]
Bullet Is Waiting, A (1954) (movie) [Cally Canham]
Black Narcissus (1947) (movie) [Kanchi]
Yellow Pages (1988) (movie) [Jean Simmons as Maxine de la Hunt]
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001) (movie) [Council Member #2]
Say Hello to Yesterday (1971) (movie) [Woman]
33rd Annual Academy Awards, The (1961) (TV show) [Herself]
Daisies in December (1995) (TV show) [Katherine Palmer]
Winter Solstice (2003) (TV show) [Jean as Lucinda Rhives]
Young Bess (1953) (movie) [Young Bess (Queen Elizabeth I)]
Life at the Top (1965) (movie) [Susan Lampton]
31st Annual Academy Awards, The (1959) (TV show) [Herself - Co-Presenter: Best Film Editing]
Mysteries of the Bible III (1998) (TV series) (TV Series) [Narrator]
Thru the Moebius Strip (2005) (movie) [Jean as Shepway]
Dain Curse, The (1978) (TV mini series) [Aaronia Haldorn]

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